14 March 2018

Preload series - Scarlett Cole | I enjoyed these crazy and over the top dramatic romances

Preload series, book 1-3
Rock Star romances
I recently discovered that Scarlett Cole
has released some new to me books
romances surrounding a Rock Band
I'm drawn to romances like this
so I decided to give the series a chance
and I'm happy to report 
that I enjoyed the books
but have to say that they only worked for me
because I didn't think about if the plots made any sense
they don't 
there is also a lot of drama going on (beginning to end)
more than I usually enjoy
but somehow it worked in this series
the Preload series doesn't belong to my favourite romance series ever
however the books gave me some nice entertainment
and helped me to relax
so I'm happy that I read the books
and plan to read the final book in the series
once it's out. 

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  1. They certainly look good!!




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