13 March 2018

Akata Witch - Nnedi Okorafor | A magical tale set in Nigeria. Sometimes magical realism works for me.

#1 in the Akata duology
magical realism 
a few weeks ago I read an excerpt of the book and loved it
so of course I bought a copy in oder to read this magical story set in Nigeria
overall I had a good time with "Akata Witch"
however I also struggled with some aspects
I expected to love everything about the writing style
but some dialogues seemed to be a bit too constructed
not natural and effortless enough
the setting and magical world
were two big strengths
I enjoyed reading about Sunny's life in Nigeria
about the new friendships she formed
and enjoyed seeing
how she and her friends learned a lot and grew stronger
the magical realism of "Akata Witch" worked for me surprisingly well
the secret magical world
was fascinating
some minor parallels to other stories might exist
but that didn't bother me
the ending was a bit of a let down
I expected a thrilling fight
however was a bit bored by the showdown
especially because I wasn't that interested in the story line
surrounding the villain
all in all I still had a good time with this novel
and one day plan to read the second book
I also want to look into other books by the author
books like "Binti" and "Who fears death"

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