08 February 2018

Unraveled (Whiskey Sharp #1) - Lauren Dane | A nice contemporary romance

#1 in the Whiskey Sharp series
contemporary romance
as you can see in the picture above
I'm a fan of romances by Lauren Dane
and because her newest series sounded and looked great
I preordered a copy of "Unraveled" some time ago
my copy arrived a few days ago and I have already read the book
overall I enjoyed it
from the get go it was easy to connect to the main characters
and I loved the vibe of Whiskey Sharp, the shop where both main characters work
I also enjoyed how the romance developed
and loved reading about Alexsei's family
I like families who care about each other
however I struggled with Maybe's family
and the conflict that was going on between Maybe and her parents
the conflict added the kind of drama and stress to the story I don't enjoy in books
this story line will continue in the next book of the series
but hopefully it won't be too dominant
"Jagged", the second book in the series, will be out in March
and I'm excited to see what will happen with the two main characters and their romance
btw, I'm hoping that characters from the Brown family series 
will make an appearance in the book
Raven was already mentioned
however I would love to read more about her
and how her life looks like a few years after "Drawn Together".

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