16 February 2018

The wedding date - Jasmine Guillory | a nice contemporary romance I wanted to love but couldn't

contemporary romance
I have heard a lot of amazing things about this romance in the last weeks
so of course I decided to give a chance
I expected to completely fall in love
with the characters and their story
however that didn't happen
which makes me pretty sad
technically everything I enjoy in a romance was there
interesting, likeable characters
characters that had depth
a beautiful love story
and a writing style that made it easy to follow what was going on
however one crucial thing was missing
and that was a good dose of reader-author-chemistry
I couldn't connect to what was going on
my emotions weren't involved when reading "The wedding date"
and of course that is something I expect when reading a book
especially when the book is a romance
so unfortunately I didn't love this book as much as other readers
however I'm sure that most readers will fall in love
with the romance Jasmine Guillory has written. 

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