22 February 2018

Squeeze Play - Aven Ellis | a lovely sports romance

#1 in the Washington Soaring Eagles series
contemporary sports romance (baseball)
when I saw this book online
I was drawn to its lovely cover
and I was hoping that the story would turn out to be a sweet romance
and I'm happy to say that "Sqeeze Play" is indeed a lovely and mostly sweet romance
it's a story that made me smile and laugh a lot
I enjoyed the dialogues between the main characters
and loved reading about how their romance developed
I also enjoyed that I got to know both main characters closely
at the end of the novel I could see them as real people
they stopped being just characters
all in all I had a great time with this sports romance
if you prefer your romances to be more sweet than sexy
then "Squeeze Play" could be a lovely book for you
after reading "Squeeze Play" I also checked out two books from other series by the author
they were nice
but overall the storylines
especially the misunderstandings towards the end
were a bit too similar for my taste
so I don't think that I will read more books in the other series
but I'm interested in reading more in this one.

This is the second book I recently wanted to read
that was only available on amazon and nowhere else
I hope that this is not a trend that will continue
I like to have a few more options
about where to buy an ebook. 

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