17 February 2018

Reed - Sawyer Bennett | I enjoyed this sports romance however there was one aspect I struggled with

#10 in the Cold Fury Hockey series
can be read as a stand-alone
sports romance
I have read other books in the series and enjoyed them
the books might not belong to my all time favourite sports romances
but usually manage to entertain me well
my reading experience with "Reed" was a mixed one
the romance, characters and Bennett's writing style once again worked for me
I enjoyed the time I spent with the story
the characters were maybe missing some depth here and there
however this didn't bother me
the one thing I struggled with is
how the two main characters talked about the women from Reed's past
the way these women were portrayed was at times painful to read
it was degrading and left a bad taste in my mouth
the scenes added nothing positive or entertaining to the story
without them I would have been happier
and that's why I have mixed feelings about this sports romance. 

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