06 February 2018

Living out loud - Staci Hart | usually I love the author's contemporary romances, but this one didn't work for me

contemporary romance 
#3 in the Austen series
can be read as a stand-alone novel
in the last years I enjoyed reading contemporary romances by Staci Hart
romances like "Wasted Words", "Bad Penny" and the ones in the Bad Habits series
some even belong to my favourites
so I expected to love "Living out loud" as well
the synopsis sounded great
and the cover appealed to me
however after reading the book
I have to say that overall I struggled with it
as always with books by the author
I enjoyed her writing style
and her humour
but this time I struggled with the characters
Annie, the female main character, is only 18 years old
and at times acted as if she was even younger
however the relationships she starts
are with men a few years older
men who are clearly adults
that's something I struggled with
because Staci Hart didn't manage to make me see Annie as an adult
in my eyes she was still a teen
I also have to say that "Sense and Sensibility"
which this novel is based on
is the one book by Jane Austen I never enjoyed
and that made it hard for me to enjoy certain aspects of the plot
of "Living out loud"
another point I struggled with is
that there are no serious consequences for something done
by one of the male characters in the book
it might be realistic that crimes like his are often not punished
however in the romances I read
I want there to be consequences for certain things
one last element of the story I struggled with is
that I couldn't see any of the characters as real people
it was always clear in my mind
that they were "just" characters
so all in all this was unfortunately not a good book for me
the next book in the series will be about Annie's older sister
so the story of "Sense and Sensibility" will be continued
I don't plan to read it
but hopefully the romance after it
will once again be a great for me.

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  1. Oh no, it's always disappointing when a favourite author doesn't deliver their normal quality of work. I'm not a big Sense & Sensibility fan, either, so I think I'll skip this one and try one of Hart's other books instead!




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