06 February 2018

Charmed by the Bartender - Piper Rayne | an entertaining + hot romance

contemporary romance
#1 in the Modern Love series
two weeks ago I was on my way back home after a long day
I opened my iPad and looked in my iBooks library to see
which unread ebook appealed to me
I decided to give "Charmed by the Bartender" a try 
and looking back this was one great decision
from the get go this romance made me smile
it made me forget the stressful day I had
and entertained me well
it's a light-hearted romance that doesn't take itself too seriously
with likeable characters
and a romance that is sexy and sweet
because I enjoyed this book so much
I of course also read the other two books in the series
"Hooked on the Boxer" and "Mad about the Banker"
I enjoyed both books as well
"Mad about the Banker" a bit more that "Hooked on the boxer"
and I definitely plan to read more by the author duo
in the future
btw, it's not known which authors are writing books as Piper Rayne
and that is something I'm not the biggest fan of
because I like to know whose books I'm reading
if you are looking for light-hearted romances
then I can recommend this series. 


  1. I always love a good light-hearted romance! Low angst, sweet, and sexy? I am all over this one! Thanks for putting it on my radar, Sabrina. :)

  2. Yay for light-hearted romance. Sometimes that's exactly what you need to be able to just unwind after a busy day. I may have to check out this series, it sounds perfect weekend reading to me.




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