21 February 2018

Brooklynaire - Sarina Bowen | my weird experiences with this sports romance series continue

sports romance
#4 in the Brooklyn Bruisers series
I can be pretty stubborn when it comes to books
especially books by an author who wrote some of the romances I love deeply
romances like Him, Us and Stay, The year we fell down, The year we hid away and The understatement of the year
so even though the Brooklyn Bruisers series hasn't been my favourite by Sarina Bowen so far
I'm not willing to give up on it
that's why I read the newest addition to the series shortly after it was released
on paper this book should have been perfect for me
but once again my reading experience was not as wonderful as I was hoping for
I wasn't that interested in Rebecca and Nate before reading this book
but expected that to change once they were the focus of the story
unfortunately that didn't happen
I liked reading about them
their story made me laugh and entertained me well
however I didn't care deeply about what happened to them
and of course that's something important for me when reading a romance
I don't know why the books in this series aren't perfect for me
I can't pinpoint what is missing
what hinders me from falling in love with the novels
and that frustrates me
will I read more books by Sarina Bowen in general
and in this series in the future?
of course
like I said before, I can be pretty stubborn
and I'm not willing to give up on the author and her books
because I'm sure that one of her next novels will be amazing for me. 

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  1. Sorry to hear this one wasn't as great as you've come to expect from Bowen but since you weren't that interested in the couple before you started it's not surprising. I'm crazy excited for Nate and Becca's book so I will definitely be reading this, hopefully I'll have better luck.




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