18 February 2018

A little to late - Staci Hart | I'm happy that I finally gave this contemporary romance a chance

A little to late
a bittersweet and emotional love story
part of the Austen series
connected to A Thousand Letters
but can be read as a stand-alone novel
the ebook is only available through amazon (which doesn't make me very happy)
when I first heard about this book I wasn't interested in reading it
and in the last months this didn't change
after meeting the main male character in "A thousand letters"
after reading about what he went through
I expected "A little too late" to be too sad and melancholic for my taste
so I stayed away from the book
however I recently thought about it
and finally decided to give it a chance
and I'm happy that I did it
because I had a good time with the story
it's not my favourite novel by Staci Hart
but definitely one that brought me joy
before reading the book I wasn't sure that I could be a fan of the romance
however my fears were unfounded
reading about Hannah and Charlie made me smile
both deserved the beautiful happy ending they got
it was nice to see that Charlie once again began to enjoy life
that he started to see the many possibilities he had
the drama towards the ending was in my opinion not necessary
and at the ending everything seemed to fall into place be a bit too easily
but that's ok
sometimes it's nice when good things happen to good people. 

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