03 January 2018

There's someone inside your house - Stephanie Perkins (let's be honest, I don't like teen slasher stories)

teen slasher, stand-alone
when the new book by Stephanie Perkins was finally released
I was of course very happy and excited about it
because two of the books by Perkins belong to my favourite YA novels
but I was also a bit nervous
because teen slasher stories à la "Scream" usually don't work for me
but still I decided to give this book a chance
as expected I struggled with all of the teen slasher elements
they didn't add anything exciting to the story
and seemed pretty pointless
I also thought that Makani's back story was a bit too unbelievable
what I enjoyed where the scenes in the middle of the book
in which I got to know the main characters a bit better
I enjoyed reading about the relationship between Makani and Ollie
I just love the way Stephanie Perkins writes love stories
and how alive her characters seem at times
"There's someone inside your house"
wasn't a good fit for me
but I'm hopfeful that I will love the next book by Stephanie Perkins
even though I have no idea when it will be publsihed
and what it will be about. 


  1. I had an ARC of this book and after all the reviews came out I just couldn;t motivate myself to read it. In fact I may have to submit that I am no longer interested in reviewing it on Netgalley just to slowly clear out a couple of really old ARCs. I should have known it wasn't a book for me as the concept doesn't appeal. Authors trying different genres is always a good thing but readers should definitely learn to check out the genre and not just the author when reading as new genres don't work for everyone.

  2. I was really excited for this one but then the mixed reviews started to come in... many people say that they don't like thriller or the story was too predictable... I'm still going to read it one day though, but not in the near future I think :D

    Tasya // The Literary Huntress




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