04 January 2018

So was passiert nur Idioten. Wie uns. - Sabine Schoder (A German new adult book I struggled with)

new adult contemporary romance
this is the sequel to a young adult book I read and loved
ever since I heard about the sequel
I wasn't sure what to expect of it
the synopsis sounded way too dramatic
and the sequel definitely was that
the characters didn't show any growth
and their relationship got on my nerves quickly
after being together for several years
there is still so much mistrust between them
and that was frustrating to see
I think this sequel was completely superfluous
but at least it didn't make me love books #1 less.

1 comment:

  1. Thank goodness reading this book didn't detract from your love of the first one! I'm not usually a fan of sequels that try to transition form the YA to NA genre, because I think they often feel really out of step with the original story.




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