01 January 2018

Slap Shot - Kelly Jamieson (a sports romance that made me excited for more)

sports romance
some time ago I read the Heller Brothers series (sports romances) by the author
I enjoyed the books
however didn't love them
I knew that the author was publishing new sports romances
once again surrounding hockey players
and had them on my radar
but never got around to buying one
then I saw the plot for "Slap Shot"
already the sixth book in the series
and was immediately drawn to the story
after reading it I'm happy to say that this is one great sports romance
liable characters
a good, emotional plot
and a lovely romance
the struggles/issues in the relationship weren't overly dramatic
and I enjoyed how they were solved
all in all I had a great time with this story
and now plan to read the other book in the Aces series as well. 

1 comment:

  1. I've checked out the summary for this one and I know it wouldn't be a romance I loved. Well, not it wouldn't be one I'm drawn to. I'm glad you liked it despite having doubts when hearing the series first came out. Sometimes it's better coming in later in a series as the characters have had a bit of time to develop and you can enjoy them better.




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