01 January 2018

Renegades - Marissa Meyer (I loved the beginning, but then struggled a bit)

#1 in the Renegades duology
young adult scifi
in 2017 I was super excited for the release of "Renegades"
I'm a huge fan of the Lunar Chronicles series by Marissa Meyer
and had high hopes for the first book in her new duology
the story is set in a world with dystopian elements and people with special powers
on the one hand you have the Renegades
superheroes who saved normal humans from dangerous gangs
and on the other hand the Anarchists
a group of people with special powers
who are fighting the Renegades
and what they are standing for
the two main characters stand on opposite sides
which of course is the reason for a lot of friction
I loved the sound of the book
and knew before starting the story
that Meyer's writing style would be great for me
I enjoyed the first chapters of the book a lot
and was sure that I would love the whole book
but then over time I slowly lost interest in some of the events that were going on
the world building wasn't as refined and fascinating as I was hoping for
some of the developments in the story seemed a bit forced
and my main issue was
that I struggled with connecting to Nova
the female main character of the story
most of the times I didn't like her
and couldn't follow the reasoning for her actions
this made it hard to fully enjoy the story
when I look back at my reading experience
I don't have any deep feelings to talk about
the story didn't manage to touch me deeply
do I still plan to read book #2 in the duology?
yes, because I want to know what crazy developments will happen
and how everything ends.

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  1. I've heard mixed thing about this book so you're not the first I've heard having a few issues. It's actually why I've not gotten around to reading it. I'm thinking of making it a book I borrow from the library instead. I'd heard people struggled with elements of the story but the characters were definitely the issue which I remember seeing most. I don't know, but as it's a duology it's hard not to justify finishing it.




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