23 January 2018

Reading excerpts | Akata Witch + Children of Blood and Bone + The City of Brass | magic + fascinating settings

Reading excerpts

I recently read excerpts of three books whose synopses sound amazing, all have elements of magic in their stories and settings you don't see that often. I heard about the books from other readers and was instantly interested in finding out more about them. So I went online, looked for excerpts, sat down and read them. Two of the excerpts made me excited for more, one wasn't perfect for me. Let's find out which of the three books I plan to buy soon. 

Akata Witch von Nnedi Okorafor - excerpt

This book was published several years ago, however I first heard about it some months ago. The story is set in Nigeria and the female protagonist is 12 year old Sunny Nwazue. She is an albino and because she looks different compared to anybody else, some of her classmates bully her. Oh, and she also sees the end of the world in the flame of a candle. So there's quiet a bit going on in her life. 

I loved the writer's writing style in the excerpt and the way she introduced the world her story is set in. After reading a few pages of the story I already felt connected to the characters and need to know what will happen next. So yes, I plan to buy this book soon. 

Children of Blood and Bone von Tomi Adeyemi - excerpt, chapters 1-6

This excerpt introduces the reader to a cruel world in which magic was extinguished. A world in which the descendants of those who had magic are being suppressed. Zélie Adebolas is one of those who are being targeted, her white hair makes it easy to recognise her connection to magic. She is working hard to learn how to defend herself, how to fight for a better future, even though there seems to be no hope. 

The six chapters of this story are fast-paced and enthralled me completely. The tone might be a bit darker than what I usually like in my books, however it worked perfectly in "Children of Blood and Bone". The book will be out in March and you can bet that I will buy a copy of it.

The City of Brass von S. A. Chakraborty - excerpt

This is a story set in Egypt, an Egypt ruled by France. The opening pages introduce Nahri, the female protagonist, and give a good glance into her life. It's a hard, flamboyant world, a world in which weak people stand no chance. Nahri is doing whatever it takes to survive, to carve out a place for herself.

I enjoyed the setting, however struggled a bit with the writing style. I couldn't get into a good reading flow and because that's important for me, I don't think that reading this book make sense for me. However I urge you to check out the excerpt for yourself, because I think that many readers will fall in love with the world Chakraborty has created. Also check out the review on Fine Print to learn more about the story.

Which excerpt is your favourite?

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  1. I'm excited that you liked the excerpts of Akata Witch and Children of Blood and Bone, I'm dying to read both! Sorry to hear that City of Brass wasn't for you -- but given how long it is, if you don't like the writing style, then passing on it is for the best.




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