29 January 2018

Meet Cute - a collection of YA contemporary stories | I loved the stories by Nina LaCour, Sara Shepard, Emery Lord, Jennifer L. Armentrout + Jocelyn Davies

Meet cute
a collection of young adult contemporary short stories
an anthology of original short stories featuring tales
of "how they first met" from some of today’s most popular YA authors 
I liked the sound of this book because I like cute YA stories
so I decided to listen to the audio book version of the novel
after listening to it I have mixed feelings about the stories
some were charming, funny and wonderful
others not as cute as expected
and some seemed unfinished and like prequels to longer stories.

Katie Cotugno - Siege Etiquette 

an interesting story about two teens who hide away in a bathroom
I enjoyed the author's writing style
and how the story developed
however the story felt unfinished
and that bothered me

♥︎ Nina LaCour - Print Shop

a cute and lovely story
how two girls meet for the first time
Nina LaCour only needs a few sentences to make me feel a lot
to make me see her characters as real people
I have enjoyed other short stories by Nina LaCour
and I'm always happy to read more by this fantastic author

Ibi Zoboi - Hourglass

a coming of age story
a story about appreciating who you are
about learning to love your body
 not really a cute story
however one I still enjoyed a lot

Katherine McGee - Click

a story about online dating
that didn't leave a lasting impression on me

♥︎ The Intern - Sara Shepard

an emotional and charming story about how a day spend with another person
a person you just met
can help with handling your emotions and grief

Meredith Russo - Somewhere that's green

one of the weaker stories of this collection
it didn't leave a lasting impression on me

Dhonielle Clayton - The way we love here

a bit of a weird story
that didn't manage to keep my interest while reading it

♥︎ Emery Lord - Oomph

a cute and very good airport story surrounding two girls
I have struggled with full length novels by the author in the last years
however this short story without any drama was great

♥︎ Jennifer L. Armentrout - The dictionary of you and me

a cute story surrounding an overdue book from a library
I loved it
in the past I have struggled with full length novels by the author
but this short story made me excited for more
I think I enjoy the author’s stories when there is no drama
are there any books by Armentrout like that?

♥︎ Jocelyn Davies - The unlikely likelihood of falling in love

a cute story about two teens who see each other in the subway for a few seconds
and then she is trying to meet him again
with the help of statistics

Kass Morgan - 259 Million Miles

an interesting story
that didn't manage to involve my emotions

Julie Murphy - Something Real

an ok story that describes the beginning of a friendship
the story wasn't cute

Huntley Fitzpatrick - Say anything

another ok story
but once again not cute enough for my taste

Nicola Yoon - The department of dead love

a story with things like “Department of Dead Love” and “Relationship Autopsy desk”
a young man who wants his ex-girlfriend back but then changes his mind
because of his case worker
set in the future
an interesting story
that sounds more entertaining than it was.

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