01 January 2018

Man Hands - Sarina Bowen + Tanya Eby | not everything worked for me in this contemporary romance

contemporary romance
another book by Sarina Bowen written with a second author
another romance that I liked but didn't love
the story is fast-paced, mostly entertaining
and not that realistic
the last bit didn't bother me
I was in the mood for a light-hearted romance
and "Man Hands" is exactly that
my reading experience was a mostly satisfying one
however some things weren't perfect for me
twice on the first pages it was mentioned
that real men eat meat
stuff like that isn't funny or entertaining to me
instead it's proof that in some scenes the authors 
tried to hard to be entertaining
and failed to achieve their goal
some of the characters were lacking depth
and that made it hard to connect to them on a deeper level
overall I still had an ok to good time with the story
but have to say
that I enjoy Sarina Bowen's books the most
when she writes on her own
or in combination with Elle Kennedy
there will be a second book in this series
however I don't plan to read it
because the two characters
and their relationship 
didn't appeal to me in "Man Hands"
not at all
I'm hoping that the WAGs series by Bowen + Kennedy
will be continued in 2018
and that Bowen's own books will work for me.

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  1. I've not actually heard of this Sarina Bowen book. I've definitely seen folks have some mixed reactions to books she writes with other people. The Elle Kennedy ones always seem to be a hit but other authors can be mixed. Those she writes alone are brilliant, I think I need to be reading some more Bowen for sure.




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