30 January 2018

Dark in Death - JD Robb | a solid and entertaining case + I'm excited about one new development

#46 in the In Death series
romantic suspense
twice a year a new In Death novel is released
and twice a year I'm super excited to finally receive the notification
that I can pick up my preordered copy at my local bookstore
"Dark in Death" is the newest book in the series
and it's another good one
maybe not the most exciting one regarding the case
however still entertaining and thrilling enough to make me enjoy my time
small things that developed besides the case will stay with me
a new development regarding Nadine that I was hoping for
made me very happy
she finally gets an intern and I actually was right with my assumption about who it could be
I also loved
other little moments that once again strengthened the ties between the whole In Death crew
reading this book made me excited to reread some of the other books in the series
that always happens with a new In Death book
and it's something I'm always looking forward to
"Dark in Death" once again brought to light
how Eve constantly changes the life of other people
not because she wants something in return
just because she cares
the next in Death story sounds like it's going to be a dark and brutal one
so maybe a solid story that didn't leave me breathless was just right. 

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  1. I've always wanted to read this series but I'll admit that the mega-high number of volumes has scared me away. 46 books?! Holy wow.




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