04 January 2018

Autoboyography - Christina Lauren (an emotional love story that touched me deeply)

contemporary young adult
coming of age + romance
I wasn't sure what to expect from this book
I love some stories by the author duo
others were just ok for me
I was drawn to this book because of its ingenius title
wonderful book cover
and the fascinating sounding plot
two boys falling in love while writing a novel?
what's not to love?
but I was also a bit wary of the story
because one of the main characters is deeply religious
and an active member of a church
I'm not a religious person and wasn't sure how religion would be portrayed
and if I would enjoy possible religious elements
I'm happy to report that the book was pretty much perfect for me
right from the get go I felt connected to the story and most of the characters
I was emotionally involved
and loved reading about Tanner
his thoughts and emotions were so raw and real
they hit me right into the heart
I needed some more time to love reading about Sebastian
but in the end also enjoyed the time I spent with him
I thought that the development of the story fit to both characters and their lifes
I liked the ending
it was one that answered some open questions
and made me happy
but of course I would have loved a longer epilogue
set some time in the future
because I'm a sucker for over the top and cheesy epilogues
Autoboyography is one of the best books I read in the last months
and I'm very happy that I read it despite my doubts. 


  1. I'm not a religious person either, and I've shied away from this book because of that, so I'm really happy to hear that you still loved it! From what you've said, this sounds like a really moving and poignant story. I need to reconsider reading this one!

  2. I hadn't read anything by this writing duo either but I saw plenty of good reviews for this one (and the pretty cover kept drawing me in) so I ended up buying it when it was on offer. I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it even though you had some doubts going in. I think I'll have to read this soon as it does sound like a moving story and the kind of book I'll enjoy.




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