14 December 2017

The books I read in October + November

A few weeks ago I planned to update you on the books I read in the weeks before. But then life happened and I never wrote that post. So here I am a few weeks late, in the last weeks I read some more books and I plan to talk about them soon. But let's start with the books I read in October and November. In the next weeks I plan to write reviews on all of the book, but this might take some time. 

I read 

"Moonlight over Manhattan" was a nice romance even though it didn't leave a lasting impression on me and the ending was a bit weaker than the beginning. 

The book by Sara Barnard is my favourite from this pile, I enjoyed the special story even though it wasn't as intense and emotional as expected.  I will definitely look into what Barnard will publish next. 

"Double booked for death" was a good cozy mystery, the book was a bit too easy to forget and that's why I don't plan to go on with the series. 

The books by Hannah West, Melissa Landers and Julie Murphy didn't work for me, issues with the plot development (Starflight), the world building (Kingdom of Ash and Briars) or the writing style (Dumplin') made it hard to get into a good reading flow and to enjoy the stories. Even though "Starflight" didn't work for me I enjoyed the author's writing style and humour, so I plan to read more by her in the future. 

And then there is the latest book by Stephanie Perkins. I enjoyed the parts of the book that concentrated on the characters and their relationship, the teen slasher elements didn't work for me. I knew before reading the book, that this would be problematic for me, so I wasn't surprised by my issues. 

In October and November I also read some ebooks, mostly romances, but nothing stood out for me, so let's not talk about the books.

Which books did you read and enjoy in the last two months?


  1. I also read a mountain of books the past month! Mainly romance and romance suspense. I think that the more I read I know instantly if I will be hooked until the end. What is your favourite genre?

  2. The last two months of reading has been so hit and miss for me. I picked up Sarah J maas's Court of Thorns and Roses and I get why people are hooked by it and her writing but I am stalled on the third book now it's way too long and repetitive. I read Artemis and enjoyed it but it's flawed. I just feel like when I'm reading I'm not always hooked.

    I have to say I loved Dumplin' so it sucks the writing didn't work for you. Starflight is on my TBR and I know folks really enjoyed it so I'll give it a shot since you say you're still willing to read more by the author. Sometimes romances are just fun for the moment and then you forget them when you finish which might have happened with the ebooks not worth mentioning. At least you've been reading.

  3. I totally know what you mean about Starflight -- I had a lot of fun reading it because I liked Landers' voice, but the plot was a bit all over the place. Stephanie Perkins is an author whose books I've always wanted to love, but none of her stuff has hit the mark for me yet. I don't think There's Someone Inside Your House would be my style, either.

  4. Starting to follow your blog :)




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