30 December 2017

Kingdom of Ash and Briars - Hannah West (another fantasy novel that wasn't a perfect fit)

when I first read the teaser for this book
I was fascinated by the fact
that the story would contain elements of Cinderella, Jane Eyre, Sleeping Beauty and Hua Mulan
that was one of the reasons why I bought the book
even though I struggled with fantasy novels in the last years
once I started with "Kingdom of Ashes and Briars"
I realised within a few pages
that once again this fantasy wouldn't be perfect for me
I couldn't connect to any of the characters
and wasn't fascinated by the world building
I didn't see the elements of the afore mentioned stories in the plot
and overal lost interest in what was going on
so in the end I did not finish the book
if you are interested in the story
and like the sound of it
then please check out other reviews by readers
who actually finished the book.

1 comment:

  1. It sucks that this wasn't a book for you because I admit I think it sounds pretty damn interesting so I will see if it's a better fit for me. I'll check out some other reviews.




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