23 November 2017

Books bought in October - November 2017

Hi everyone, after a little break I'm back. In the last weeks a lot was going on in my life and I didn't have much time to read and think about books. In the next weeks things should slow down. I'm hopeful that I will once again have more time to read and blog about books. 

In October and November (so far) I bought

As you can see I only bought a few books in the last weeks and only two of them are still on my TBR pile, which is btw right now very small (15 books in total). I'm very excited for "Renegades", I'm hopeful that the book will be as good as the stories in the Lunar Chronicle series are. The book by Jessica Cluess could work for me, but I'm not completely sure about it. And that's it. 

Which books did you buy in the last weeks?


  1. Great haul! I really want that Rainbow Rowell book. I have all her others.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

  2. Great selection of books. I am waiting on Renegades, I've seen mixed reviews and it's not out yet in the UK anyway so I'll see others thoughts and maybe get from the library. I also got that little Rainbow Rowell book, isn't it adorable? I had to have it when I heard it was sparkly, also I love the art by Siminiblocker.

  3. Sarah Morgan is one of my favorite writers. Her books give me warm, fuzzy, happy feelings :)




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