10 October 2017

Temporary - Sarina Bowen + Sarah Mayberry | a contemporary romance I struggled with

contemporary romance
this is the first romance Bowen and Mayberry have written together
I have read and enjoyed books by Sarina Bowen in the last years
the one book by Sarah Mayberry I read was ok
so I wasn't sure what to expect of "Temporary" 
would it amaze me?
or disappoint me?
after reading the book my feelings fall somewhere in-between these extremes
the book was ok for me
but unfortunately not something I want to rave about
that's something I already feared when reading the plot for the first time
something about it didn't appeal to me
while reading the story I never forgot
that this is just a story
the characters didn't feel like real people
and I struggled a bit with liking the male main character
at least the ending was nice
both the plot and the writing style were missing some flow
some finesse
and heart
I don't think that reading more of this author duo in the future
makes sense for me. 

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  1. I'm sorry to hear this didn't end up being rave worthy. I've seen quite a few people loving it so I am definitely planning to check it out but seeing someone say it didn't work for them is good. I am always wary of author duos because some rock my socks and some just don't so I'll go in wary and see if it works.




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