08 October 2017

Last Year's Mistake - Gina Ciocca | this YA romance didn't work for me

Last Year's Mistake
young adult romance
I had this YA book on my wish list for quiet some time
I finally got a copy of it (German version) through my local library
the story appealed to me
so I was quiet sure that I would enjoy the book
however after reading only a few pages of the story
I knew that I would struggle with it
something about the writing style bothered me
the language seemed at times a bit simple
the flow in conversations seemed forced
I'm not sure if that's because the German translation is a bad one
or if this is also an issue in the original
I'm usually a reader who likes normal writing styles
I often struggle with styles that are lyrical
but in this case a little bit of finesse in the language would have been nice
I also struggled with the characters
I wasn't interested in them
and didn't like the main ones
after about 70 pages I started skipping some passages
and after another 50 pages skipped to the ending
because I wasn't interested in the rest of the story
so no, this was definitely not a good book for me. 

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  1. Oh no, I hate when it looks like a book should work for you from the summary and then you begin reading and it just doesn't. I feel betrayed in some way. I tried to read this one before and couldn't get into it, I chalked it up to me not being in the mood for it but maybe it just didn't click with me. It must be more annoying knowing that it could just be the translation not working for you although I assume translators try and keep the writing in the same style as the original.




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