07 October 2017

Grim Shadows + Grave Phantoms - Jenn Bennett (unfortunately I lost most of my interest in this world + series)

Grim Shadows + Grave Phantoms
historical + paranormal romance
I enjoyed the first book in this series
"Bitter Spirits"
a lot
I loved the combination of paranormal, thrilling and sexy elements
plus the setting in San Francisco and the charm of the 1920s entertained me well
so of course I was super excited to go on with the series
to once again have a great time
a few weeks (more like two months) after I bought the second and third book in the series
I finally picked them up and read them
and unfortunately something weird happened as soon as I started reading #2
I realised that I was no longer as fascinated by the world
as I was when reading "Bitter Spirits"
I have no idea why I lost most of my interest in the setting and world
and that frustrates me
the books are just as well written as the first
the stories are once again thrilling with a touch of paranormal extra
and they are once again sexy
but I just wasn't as charmed and fascinated by the stories as I was with "Bitter Spirits"
sometimes being a reader can be very frustrating
especially if you don't know what went wrong
I definitely will read more by Jenn Bennett in the future
because in general I like her way to tell stories
I especially enjoy her YA books
and that's why I'm already excited for "Starry Eyes"

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