09 October 2017

Cold Sight - Leslie A. Kelly | thrilling romantic suspense surrounding psychic detectives

romantic suspense
from time to time I like to read suspense books
especially romantic suspense
and if they include special mental abilities
then that's a plus for me
so going into "Cold Sight" I was hopeful
that the novel would be great for me
and it was
right from the get go the author managed to interest me 
in what was going on
the mystery is pretty dark
at times a bit too dark for my taste
but you have to remember that I'm pretty sensitive about these things
I enjoyed reading about the main characters
and how their relationship changed over time
this book made me excited to read more about the world Leslie A. Kelly created
the way she introduced the psychic abilities was great
while reading about them
I thought of them as being real
in my mind I could see people actually having these abilities
I plan to go on with the series
but will wait until I'm once again in the mood for a darker book
I can only read them here and there
otherwise I struggle with nightmares. 

1 comment:

  1. This one looks good, I love the whole premise. I'll add it to my tbr list! I have been reading a fantastic book in Baynns Finnleigh's Timberton Lake Series called Burning Timbers. There has always been something about the suspense side of romance novels, gives it more story and I like that.




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