10 October 2017

Chasing Christmas Eve - Jill Shalvis | A nice contemporary romance

#4 in the Heartbreaker Bay series
contemporary romance
so far I have read three books in this series
#1 - which I loved
#2 - which started out strong but then went on for too long
#2.5 - a novella that was ok
I wasn't completely sure what to expect from this book
however the plot appealed to me
so I got the ebook version and read it
and I'm very happy that I did it
because this was a nice romance
especially the first three quarters of it entertained me very well
I enjoyed reading about the main characters
loved the funny moments between them
and how they got closer
two things weren't perfect for me
the ending seemed a bit too drawn out
just like it happened with the second book in this series
50 pages or so less would have been better
at least for me
and at some point in the story
Colbie's family and Elle's behaviour (a friend of the hero) got on my nerves
I actually skipped Elle's book 
because I feared that she would be too exhausting
and after seeing her behaviour in this book
I don't plan to reconsider my decision
however I still had a very good time with "Chasing Christmas Eve" 
and plan to read more books in the series. 

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  1. I am excited for a new Jill Shalvis book but I have found this series from her to be a bit hit and miss. I haven't read the past couple because of the varying reviews but I think I might try and catch up. Shalvis is a favourite romance author of mine and although this one should have finished a little sooner for you it does sound like it was good.




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