04 October 2017

Book haul September 2017

September was overall a really slow and quiet month for me, at least when it comes to books. I only read a hand full of books and also only bought a small number of them.

I'm hoping that October will be the month for me to get back into a more active reading rhythm, I miss reading more than five books a month. On the other hand I also want to continue to give other hobbies besides reading more time, so it will be interesting to see how many books I will read in the future. 

Before talking about my new books I want to introduce you to the new bookmarks I bought in the last month on Dawanda. I recently sorted out and gave away some old bookmarks that didn't mean a lot to me and decided to instead get some new ones I love. The bookmarks I bought are by sellers ilaughyoulaughTemporaryPlaces und Farbenzirkus.

And now let's talk about the books I bought, I got 

All three books were preorders and of course I'm super excited to read them. I'm especially excited to finally read new novels by Perkins and Cashore after years of waiting for them. Hopefully my high expectations won't be disappointed.

I also got the German version of "Last Year's Mistake" by Gina Ciocca in ebook format through my local library. I had this book on my wish list for quiet some time, so I'm happy that I finally have this book in my life, at least for the next eleven days. 

And that's it, these are all the books and bookmarks I bought and got in September 2017, which books did you get in the last month?


  1. I love the bookmarks! I hope you enjoy your new books!

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

  2. Those bookmarks are so pretty and I love them. I love pretty bookmarks but so often I get them all battered when I chuck a book in my bag so feel guilty buying pretty ones which will end up trashed.

    I love your new books, I have been wanting to read Jane, Unlimited so I'll be interested in seeing your thoughts. I also have There's Someone Inside Your House and I seriously want to read but I am so nervous I won't like it too.




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