08 October 2017

Black Cat Crossing - Kay Finch | I finally read a book in a new to me cozy mystery series

Black Cat Crossing
#1 in the Bad Luck Cat Mysteries
cozy mystery
I did it, I finally read a new to me cozy mystery
one by an author I haven't read anything before
"Black Cat Crossing" appealed to me because of its description
and of course because there's a cat with a major role in the story
I love cats and enjoy reading about them
so I had to give this book a chance
and overall I had a good time with the story
the mystery was interesting
and I enjoyed getting to know most of the characters
the setting wasn't my favourite
and I have to say that the story and myths surrounding the black cat
were a bit too unbelievable for me
right now I don't plan on reading more books in this series
however reading this book made me excited to try out some other
new to me cozy mysteries series
because I love the atmosphere of the books in this genre. 

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