07 September 2017

Stiletto - Daniel O'Malley (if you like complex Urban fantasy worlds this might be a great series for you)

#2 in the Rook Files
Urban Fantasy
a few months ago I read "The Rook"
overall I enjoyed the book
even though I thought that the story was too drawn out
I was excited to see how Daniel O'Malley would continue
with the complex and fascinating world he created
a modern Urban Fantasy world of special abilities and secret organisations
once again I enjoyed the world building
and reading more about the characters
however once again I think that the story would have worked better for me
with a few pages less
some parts seemed to be too drawn out
and I have to say
that maybe I wasn't in the perfect mood to appreciate all of the details of the world building
there are some fast-paced passages in the story
but there are also some slower ones
and maybe my mood didn't allow me to be patient enough with them
overall I'm still satisfied with my reading experience
and think that fans of complex UF worlds
could love this series. 


  1. I know what you mean about The Rook dragging elements of the storyline out and I'm sad to hear there is a repeat of that in this second book. The worldbuilding was really interesting in the first and so I hope that continued in this one. It stood out in urban fantasy for me. I'm not always in the right mood for a book so it sucks that may have affected your reading of this.

  2. It's too bad that this series seems to drag a bit, but with everything else combined I'm definitely still going to read it. I love the sound of an urban fantasy with secret organizations and conflicts in the background!




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