07 September 2017

Secrets in Death - JD Robb (another great book in the In Death series)

In Death series #45
romantic suspense
another great book in the In Death series
the main case is thrilling and fascinating
the victim is a woman whom the world is not going to miss
one who exploited the secrets of other people
secrets based on tragic, horrible and sad things that happened to them
and still Eve is of course working hard to find the murderer
to solve the case
like I already said
the investigation was pretty interesting
I was also fascinated by the contrast of the different types of victims in this book
on the one end you have nice, good people
on the other hand horrible humans nobody is going to miss
life is so often not fair
I was also fascinated by the aspect of gossiping
and how that was handled
it made me think about myself
and how I handle gossip
there are also some great scenes between Eve, Roarke and Summerset
something between them happens
that I have been waiting for a long time
I personally love how the situation was dealt with
and that it strengthened the ties between them
of course there are also some cute moments with Galahad 
and wonderful moments of joy and love
I had a great time with "Secrets in Death"
and of course will read the next book
as soon as it's available. 

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