18 September 2017

Deep Economy - Bill McKibben (it took my forever to read this non-fiction book, but not because I didn't enjoy it)

The Wealth of Communities and the Durable Future
this is the third book by Bill McKibben I read
and it's the third book that I enjoyed
as usual McKibben delivered a thought-provoking story
one that is now as relevant as it was ten years ago
maybe even more so in our present political climate and situation
there were some parts in the story
in which I think his conclusions might have been a bit simplified and not completely correct
however that did only happen a handful of times
so I can live with it
I listened to the other books by McKibben I read
in audio book format
and have to say
that this is my preferred way to follow his words
I'm not sure why
but in audio book format it is easier for me to immerse myself completely 
in what McKibben has written
and I don't need as many breaks while listening to the story as I did reading it
if you are interested in ways to strengthen communities
to strengthen a regional production of food and more
then I recommend this book to you. 

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  1. It's been ages since I've voluntarily read a non-fiction book, but I really should get back into it. Like you said, they can be quite thought-provoking in a way that's distinct from fiction stories. I'll have to keep McKibben on my radar!




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