03 August 2017

Reading excerpts: The Gentlemans Guido to Vice and Virtue - Mackenzie Lee

Lately I have heard a lot of good things about
the book is praised for being very entertaining
and is described as being witty and romantic
it's a YA historical
and focuses on the relationship between two young men
it takes the reader on a grand tour through Europe
doesn't this sound like a lot of fun?
so yes, of course I was interested in the book
but something was holding me back from buying it
so I decided to read an excerpt of the story (here)
and yes, the story definitely sounded fresh and unique
however something about the writing style made it hard for me to get into a good reading flow
and this is something I need
so I have decided to not read the full novel
because my gut tells me that it would be an ok book for me
but not one I would fall in love with.

Have you already read the book?
Did you enjoy it?
And do you regularly read excerpts?


  1. Sorry to hear that this one wasn't for you, Sabrina! I really loved this, but in my experience if you don't like the writing style no amount of other good things will save the story, you know? Reading an excerpt before you buy is always a good policy!

    1. It really is and still I forget it way too often. On the other hand it's nice to from time to time read a book without knowing anything about the story.

      Happy Reading!




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