27 August 2017

New releases: September is going to be an exciting month full of new books I want to read

In the last two months I wasn't overly excited for the new releases, but in September this is going to change. Eight new books are released that I'm interested in and I think I will end up buying and reading most of them. 

Let's start with two preorders

Both authors haven't published novels in the last year and I'm super excited to read their new books. I'm excited to see how Perkin's will make her new YA thriller work for me and I'm excited to find out more about the fascinating plot of Cashore's new book. 

And then there are five more new releases I'm interested in September

Ever since reading "Legend" by Marie Lu I wanted to give her stories a second chance, now it's the time to do so. "Warcross" features a special, thrilling world and I hope that the gaming parts of the story will work for me. 
"The Grave Keepers" is a story with graves and a ghost, it's described as lyrical and haunting. This could be a great book for me, but so far I'm not completely sure about it. I plan to read some reviews and then decide what to do. 
The book by Sabine Schoder is a German YA/NA story. I loved the first novel in this series and have high expectations for part #2, however I'm also a bit nervous about the story because I actually was pretty happy with the ending of the first book. 
"Play on" promises to be an emotional romance, plus I usually enjoy the books by Samantha Young. And then there is "Autoboygraphy" by author duo Christina Lauren. It's an YA/NA romance between two young men. This is another story that should be very emotional. 

Another already preordered book I forgot to add to the picture above is 

Of course I already preordered the book months ago and can't wait to read it. I think I might even be able to pick up the book from my bookstore next week, they often get my preordered JD Robb books a few days early. 

Which new books are you excited about in September 2017?


  1. There are so many good books coming out next month (and I have so many ARCs I should be reading for September so thank you for reminding me). I am excited for Cashore's new release and Warcross and I have Stephanie Perkins book as an ARC so I will get reading that!

    1. I hope that you will love all three novels. I can't wait to get my hands on them and to read them, especially the book by Perkins.

      Happy Reading!

  2. There are SO many anticipated reads coming in the fall. It's like the publishing houses hold back for fall cause they know we're going to need enough books to get us through winter.

    I was able to pick up the Cashore and Perkins books at ALA this summer. Cashore was signing and there was a HUGE line for her. I'm excited to read them both. Hope September is a great reading month for you!

    1. So true. Summer was a bit slow, I wasn't interested in many new releases. However autumn promises to be amazing.

      Hope that you will enjoy both books a lot.

      Happy Reading!




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