24 August 2017

Lucky in love - Kasie West (unfortunately I was disappointed by this YA novel)

Lucky in love
contemporary young adult
after "Windfall" by Jennifer E. Smith
this is the second YA novel I've read this year
in which one of the main characters wins a lot of money in the lottery
I have read most of Kasie West's other books
and enjoyed some of them
especially stories like "The Distance between Us"
however her last books were no longer that perfect for me
but this time I expected to love the story
I read some reviews on the novel that made me very hopeful
and the book just looked and sounded so cute
unfortunately "Lucky in Love" is a book that disappointed me
mostly flat characters
plot developments that just were too predictable
the heroine's family who got on my nerves every time I read about them
and I romance that I wasn't emotionally invested in
winning the lottery sounds like a great premise for a story
however it's clearly not always enough to create a great book
compared to "Windfall" I would say that the book by Jennifer E. Smith
is definitely the one I enjoyed more
so if you want to read a YA story
in which the main character wins the lottery
then I would go with "Windfall". 

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