23 August 2017

Illegal Contact - Santino Hassell (sometimes it just doesn't fit)

male/male sports romance
this is the third book I read by the author
the first two were part of his Cyberlove series
Hassell's books always sound perfect for me
and even though the first two books I read by him were just ok for me
I decided to give his new book a chance
you know that I love sports romances
so "Illegal Contact" was a must for me
sadly I feel the same about reading this book
as I felt about his other ones
everything was ok
somewhat entertaining and nice
however I didn't feel connected to the story and the characters
little things annoyed me
and the romance didn't touch my heart
it's time to accept that Hassell's book sound perfect for me
but aren't. 


  1. Disappointing when it doesnt quite work out.

    1. So true, but that's part of being a reader.

      Happy Reading!




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