23 August 2017

Books as guilty pleasures: I still don't like the term but finally understand it

In the middle of July weird things were going on in my reading life. My head was full of many things not related to books and I was looking for some light and easy distraction. I then discovered a book by Lani Lynn Vale, read it, was entertained by it because her writing style made it easy for me to feel connected and that's why I decided to read more books by her. So far, so good. 

However even though I read several of the author's books, I wouldn't recommend them to you. The stories were at times full of holes and erratic. The plots often overly dramatic and unbelievable. Plus things like slut-shaming happened in some way in nearly every book.

Even though I'm usually not a fan of the term guilty pleasures, it somewhat describes my reading experience with the books by Vale. The word might not describe my emotions on reading the books exactly, but it comes close.

The books gave me something I needed at that point, so I'm glad that I read them. On the other hand I feel a bit conflicted about supporting stories that go against some things that are important to me. I mostly read books because I want to be entertained by them and let's be honest, sometimes I'm entertained by mediocre things. I'm ok with that. And I still don't feel guilty because of it. 


  1. I never totally get the guilty pleasure term, it's not totally accurate. It's more, 'books I enjoy and authors who I'll read even though i know their books are flawed or bad and will never recommend to people'. I guess that doesn't roll off of the tongue thought does it? I think sometimes there will be books will enjoy and they'll be exactly what we need at that time but they can be flawed. I think when you blog you forget that half of reading is the enjoyment. Not every book will be a 5 star book you'll be forcing into the hands of everyone you know. Some will be a bit terrible but hella enjoyable and you probably won't really talk about them and that's cool too.

  2. Sometimes you don't need a reason for a book to work for you. It just is what it is. I've found that it's hard to accept that I like a book that I don't agree with. It's a hard thing to adjust too.

    I couldn't stand Fifty Shades of Grey but it did entertain me.




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