16 July 2017

We are still tornadoes - Kun & Mullen (set in 1982 + told through letters)

new adult contemporary
set in 1982 in the months after high school
told through letters
I'm often torn about books told through letters, notes, emails and so on
sometimes they are great for me
sometimes I struggle with connecting to the characters
"We are still tornadoes" is somewhere in-between
from the get go I was interested in the two main characters
it was fascinating to see how their lives changed after high school
how their different parts looked like
that they still stayed close friends
how they struggled with it at times
I also think that the authors did a good job with transporting me back into 1982
especially the music that was mentioned helped with that
but there were also some things I struggled with
my connection to the main characters wasn't as deep as I was hoping for
the letters didn't transport enough emotions for my taste
and the romance wasn't one I was interested in
I actually don't think that the romance did make that much sense
so I had an ok reading experience with "We are still tornadoes"
if you are looking for a New Adult book set in the 80s
that is told through letters
then the book might be worth a try. 


  1. I'd not heard of this book and I like the idea of letters and it being set in the 80s but it sucks you didn't connect or get the romance. If I see it at my library I may give it a shot as you don't get enough books told through letters but I won't go out of my to get ahold of this one.

    1. Books told through formats like letters tend to be either hit or miss for me, there is rarely something in between. Hope that you will be able to get the book through your library.

      Happy Reading!

  2. Wow, this sounds like a fascinating premise: I don't think I've ever read a NA novel set in the past, and the letters seem to add another interesting layer. It's too bad that you couldn't connect to the characters though -- that'd be an issue for me, too.

    1. Another issue was that the 80s didn't always feel like the 80s, sometimes I forget that I was supposed to be in the past.

      Happy Reading!




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