04 July 2017

Up to this Pointe - Jennifer Longo (I was disappointed)

contemporary young adult
I was drawn to this book because of the beautiful cover
and the interesting plot
a young ballerina who isn't good enough to dance professionally
who has a hard time dealing with that realisation
who travels to Antartica to get away from the hurt
I expected to love this book
however struggled seriously with several aspects of the story
let's start with what worked for me
the author's writing style was good
and the setting very interesting
the author didn't shy away from serious topics
however the way she handled these
eating disorder, unplanned pregnancy (not the main character), feeling depressed, having to change your plans
was not done with enough care
for years Harper, the main character, strongly limited her calorie intake
at one point she seemed to be pretty skeletal
and it definitely sounded as if she had an eating disorder
and still in the end it was pretty easy for her to get over that
and to gain weight
I also thought it to be weird
that her parents were so relaxed about the way she ate
and her health in general
I also couldn't get over the fact that Harper used her connections
to get to go to Antarctica in the first place
that chance was supposed to be for a high school student
 fascinated by science and working hard for it
not for someone with no interest in science
not for someone who just wanted a change 
who ran away from trouble
even though she still had so many possibilities
so much privilege
btw, I also didn't enjoy the romance 
mainly because I couldn't believe in Harper's feelings towards Owen
he was a great character
at times he seemed to be a bit be too perfect
but that didn't bother me that much
at the end all of Harper's problems are solved within a few sentences
everything wraps up perfectly and effortlessly
which was unrealistic and annoyed me
when I think about my reading experience
I mainly think about the issues I had
and the potential for a great story that wasn't used
"Up to this Pointe" was unfortunately a disappointing book for me.


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