07 July 2017

Until it fades - KA Tucker (not my favourite romance by the author)

Until it fades
contemporary romance
this is the fourth or fifth book by Tucker I have read
I enjoyed two of the books
and struggled with the others
mainly because the plots seemed at times a bit too unrealistic
and some characters were missing some depth
however I always enjoyed the author's writing style
so I decided to read another book by her
"Until it fades" sounded like a perfect romance
however I had some issues with the story from the get go
the plot was a bit too constructed
and once again I couldn't see the characters as real people
I couldn't connect to them
I didn't feel what they were feeling
plus the ending seemed a bit rushed
and overall my emotions never got involved
I think that books by KA Tucker will always be hit or miss for me
I might check out another romance by her in the future
however it's not a must for me. 

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