26 July 2017

Stillhouse Lake - Rachel Caine (thrilling but otherwise didn't work for me)

#1 in the Stillhouse Lake series
from time to time I like to read thrillers
this one interested me because of its fascinating plot
so I decided to give it a chance
when I bought the book I thought it would be a stand-alone novel
somehow I missed the fact that there will be at least one more book in the series
this is one of the things I struggled with
because most thrillers work best for me as stand-alone novels
when I started to read the book I was sure that the plot would interest me in the long run
unfortunately that didn't happen
I actually struggled with the story from the get go
I couldn't believe in how blind Gina, the main character, had been
what followed
the story of a woman having to start anew
having to deal with the fact that her husband is a serial killer
was at times interesting
but not always
the suspense aspects were thrilling
and actually not too dark for me
which was a plus
but overall my emotions didn't get involved while reading "Stillhouse Lake"
the story wasn't bad
however something was missing to leave a lasting impression on me
to make me want to read on
maybe fans of thrillers will enjoy this book more
for me it was just ok
and I don't plan to go on with the series. 

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