01 July 2017

Served Hot, On Point + At Attention - Annabeth Albert (three male/male romances, two I enjoyed, one didn't work for me)

I recently read three books (all m/m contemporary romances) by author Annabeth Albert. Two I enjoyed, one I struggled with. The books are

At first I read "Served Hot" and with this romance I struggled from the get go with building a good connection to the two main characters. I never felt close to them and because of that wasn't interested in their relationship, which is of course bad when you are reading a contemporary romance. After finishing the book it was clear to me that I didn't want to read more books in the Portland Heat series. However I overall enjoyed the author's writing style and that's why bought and read two books by her from the Out of Uniform series. 

Both "On Point" and "At Attention" don't have the most innovative or realistic plot, however this time I had a good time with the stories. Mainly because I enjoyed reading about the characters and their romances. The stories were a bit predicatble and followed a certain formula, however how Albert filled up the pages with emotions entertained me well.

Have I read better romances in the past? Yes! Did I have a good time with both "On Point" and "At Attention"? Yes! The books gave me some nice hours, some enjoyable distraction from the world outside of them, and that's exactly what I was looking for.

Btw, I'm a fan of all three covers. Each conveys the main mood of the story perfectly. 

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