25 July 2017

Persuading Austen - Brigid Coady (a modern version of "Persuasion" that didn't work for me)

contemporary romance
modern retelling of "Persuasion" by Jane Austen
I adore "Persusaion"
it's my favourite novel by Jane Austen
and one of my all time favourite romances
the characters, the emotions, the atmosphere
everything is spot on for me
and because I love the story so much
I'm always excited to read retellings of it
even though in the past many new versions weren't perfect for me
I discovered "Persuading Austen" last week
and because it sounded like a fresh and entertaining modern version of "Persuasion"
I was hopeful that the novel would work for me
I decided to give the book a chance
even though I'm usually not the biggest fans of stories set in the movie industry
after reading the book
I can say that the setting wasn't an issue for me this time
it actually worked for me and made things interesting
however I struggled strongly with how Annie (Anne) was portrayed in the story
in the original version the time period made it hard for women to be financially independent
to leave their families behind
to go their own way
so Anne's behaviour made sense
but "Persuading Austen" is set in the now
and I just couldn't understand why Annie
would let her family treat her the way they did
it took way too long for her to stand up to them
to finally be her own person
I also struggled with the romance
it didn't make me feel all warm and happy inside
it actually left me pretty cold
plus the end was a bit rushed
unfortunately this modern version of "Persuasion" wasn't a great romance for me. 

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