03 July 2017

June wrap-up: I had a great month!

June is over and it turned out to be an amazing month. I managed to read a lot of books thanks to being on the train and bus Monday to Friday, plus a lot of the books I read were good or even great.

In June I read

Btw, I decided to mark good books with ♥, good books get one, three is the maximum and stands for amazing books. 

As you can see in June I handed out a lot of hearts. Yes, not all books managed to fulfil my expectations (for example "Shacking Up"), and one book even shocked me ("With us"), but overall I had a good time with many of the books I read. And seven books were nearly perfect for me, so I'm not going to complain about the few books that didn't work for me. 

Btw, two of my favourite books read in June are paranormal ones, so yes, from time to time the gerne still works for me. 

Other than reading a lot I enjoyed the warm weather, I love feeling the sun on my skin and being able to wear summer clothes. I also enjoy that people seem to smile more often once the sun is out and the days are getting warmer and warmer. 

I hope that July will be another lovely month. I don't think that I will manage to read as many books, because I have some other stuff to do, but we will see. July is always my favourite month of the year, so I'm excited that it's finally here. 

Did you also have a great month?

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