07 July 2017

Girl out of water - Laura Silverman (A good + cute YA romance)

Girl out of water
young adult contemporary
themes are family, friendship, falling in love
I recently heard a lot of great things about this book
especially about the main characters
and after reading the story
I agree that Laura Silverman
has written a good YA book
a YA book that focuses on having to spend your summer in a place
you didn't expect to be in
far away from your friends and the ocean you love so much
a summer full of being there for your family
of finding out who you are outside of your home
there is a romance in the book
and it's a cute and wonderful one
but this isn't the sole focus of the story
I enjoyed getting to know all of the characters
and have to say
that Lincoln, a boy Anise (our heroine) meets in Nebraska, stood out for me
he was the star of the novel
and overshadowed Anise maybe a little bit
all in all I had a good time with "Girl out of water"
and I'm happy that I read it.


  1. This is a YA book which was on my radar and I do keep seeing pretty positive things said about it as a whole and sounds like an enjoyable summer read. I'm glad to hear you enjoyed this and I will be reading it some time soon.

    1. That's exactly what this book is, a perfect summer read. The story is mostly light-hearted however there is also enough depth to engage your emotions.

      Happy Reading!




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