15 July 2017

Contribute - Kristy Acevedo (gives this SciFi duology a good + emotional ending)

#2 in the The Holo duology
Young Adult + Science Fiction
back in November 2016 I read "Consider"
the first book in this YA scifi duology
the story fascinated me because of its special plot
and the strength of the main character
so I decided to read the second book as well
because I just needed to know what would happen with all of the characters
and earth
"Contribute" didn't disappoint
the story from "Consider" is continued in a way
that was pretty fascinating and at times heart-breaking
not everyone survived
not everyone came back
not all of the scifi elements worked for me perfectly
but that's because of what I like in books
and not because the author did a bad job
the story didn't answer all of my questions
at the end everyone still struggled with what happened
with what they had to do
with what they went through
and I actually appreciated that
because a perfect ending
wouldn't have fit to the world Acevedo created
compared to "Consider"
"Contribute" didn't touch me as deeply
however I still enjoyed the time I spent with the book
and especially the characters
I think that the story could be great for readers
who like the mix of young adult and science fiction
plus topics like anxiety added to the mix. 


  1. This is the first time I'm hearing about this duology, but it sounds awesome! From what you've said this is a very strong conclusion to a series with great characters. I'm going to see if my library has a copy of the first book!

    1. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that your library has the books, they might not have been perfect for me, however I still enjoyed reading them. And I like that the author created a story that is not the norm.

      Happy Reading!




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