14 July 2017

But then I came back - Estelle Laure (not all elements of the story worked for me)

But then I came back
young adult contemporary
companion to "This raging light" which I loved
I was super excited to read "But then I came back"
because I wanted to read more about Lucille (the main character from "This raging light")
but of course also to find out what would happen with Eden
once she woke up from her coma
once again I enjoyed the author's writing style
it's powerful and beautiful
however I struggled a bit with Eden as the main character
at times it was hard to connect to her
to understand why she acted in a certain way
I liked that she was a bit of a complicated and harsh character
however some of her reactions seemed a bit forced
and the special elements surrounding her coma and the time after it
just didn't work for me
the romance was ok
but actually without it things might have been better for me
when I think about "But then I came back"
I'm a bit confused about the story and the character development
I don't think that I really managed to get the story
to understand the characters.


  1. SOrry to hear you struggled a little with this one after This Raging Light. I was a little disappointed when I learnt this wouldn't be another book about Lucille but instead Eden as she was a character I wasn't the biggest fan of in This Raging Light. I got why she acted as she did, because you make stupid choices as a teen, but that didn't mean I necessarily liked how she was. I am intrigued about her, though, because it is interesting reading about a harsher character. I may have to go buy a copy because I did have it on netgalley... until it expired.

    1. I honestly would also have been more excited about a second book about Lucille, of course she is part of the story in this book, but her part is only a small one. And Eden continues to be a hard to like character, at times I struggled with understanding her actions.

      I'm still excited to see what the author will publish next.

      Happy Reading!




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