01 July 2017

Book haul

In the last weeks I bought some new books and of course I want to share them with you. Let me start with three new adult / young adult books.

I already read "180 seconds" as an ebook and loved it, so I just had to have a print copy. The other two books are new two me, one is a fantasy and one a contemporary NA story. I read excerpts of both books, enjoyed them and so I got the books. I hope that that fantasy novel by Hannah West will work for me, because books from the genre haven't been perfect for me in the last years. I love the title of "We are still tornadoes" and have a good feeling about the story.

Next I bought two more young adult books and one non-fiction one.

I'm super excited to read more by Bill McKibben. And both fiction books sound as if they are going to be special and emotional contemporary novels. I'm especially excited for the book by Paula Stokes (love the cover) and a bit unsure about "Wing Jones". But I'm hopeful that all three books will be great for me.

I loved the first book in the Roaring Twenties series by Jenn Bennett, so I ordered the other two books as well, #3 already arrived at my home.

I also bought some ebooks and pretty much already read plus reviewed all of them here on the blog, so I'm not going to list them in this post.

Which books did you recently buy / get from the library?


  1. Awesome haul of books. I hope you love all of your new books.

    Grace @ Books of Love

  2. I'm excited to read Kingdom of Ash and Briars. I hope you'll enjoy the books!

    Tasya // The Literary Huntress

  3. Some awesome new purchases. I recently bought 180 Seconds as well, although mines an ebook and I bought it because it was reviewed here and I knew I wanted it. Wing Jones is a book I have had on my radar for a while so I'm interested to see what you think of that as well. I hope you enjoy your new books.

    1. I hope that you will enjoy "180 seconds" as much as I did.

      I think "Wing Jones" will be either amazing for me or don't work at all. Of course I'm hoping that I will love the story.

      Happy Reading!




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