09 July 2017

Blue Hollow Falls - Donna Kauffman (a nice book)

Blue Hollow Falls
Blue Hollow #1
contemporary romance
ever since reading and loving "Babycakes" by Donna Kauffman
I have been checking out her books
she writes nice, calm romances
that focus on the charcters and their slowly developing romances
"Blue Hollow Falls" is the first book in a new series
and I enjoyed reading it
beginning to end it's a nice book
with interesting characters
a story about new beginnings
with an idyllic setting
and characters I enjoyed getting to know
the story is intense in a calm way
at times the pace was a bit too slow for my taste
and even though I enjoyed the book
it doesn't belong to my all time favourite romances
but that's ok
not every romance can achieve this status
if you are looking for a nice romance
then this book could be for you. 

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