13 July 2017

Ancillary Justice - Ann Leckie (a fascinating world, should be great for fans of SciFi)

Science Fiction
#1 in the Imperial Radch trilogy
all books have already been published
even though I don't read SciFi books regularly
from time to time I'm drawn to them
especially to their fantastic, futuristic and complex worlds
and that's exactly why I decided to give "Ancillary Justice" a chance
the story sounded fantastic
I have never read about a main character who was part of a ship as an artificial intelligence
I had no idea how something like this could work
if it would work for me
after reading the book I'm in awe of the author's imagination
she created an truly fascinating and special world
however I also realised that SciFi works for me best in small doses
in light-hearted settings
combined with a romance
that's why my reading experience with "Ancillary Justice" wasn't a perfect one
however I'm still happy that I read the book
and if you like SciFi
then you should love this book. 


  1. Gah, sorry the sci-fi wasn't more to your tastes but glad you can appreciate the brilliance of the world building in this. I adored this sci-fi series and I am so glad I read the books but it was totally different to my usual reading and maybe that's why I enjoyed this as much as I did.

    1. This is definitely a book I will continue to recommend to fans of SciFi stories. I know that they will love the story and especially the world building.

      Happy Reading!




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